John Latini

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Fantastic sound, my friend! Always loved your voice, and this blues thing is just perfect for you and on you! So looking forward to hearing you live soon... Yours, Luti
Jonesy: Nice to see that talent and hard work sometimes pays off. All the braggin about you and Michigan musicians that I do out here in Colorado just keeps gettin backed up by your stellar accomplishments. Setting a good example bro.
Congrats on your 2016 Detroit Blues Challenger Award. You are so good!
It's good to see Jonesy made the big time! You still sound great!
Yep, it works, Ross! Thanks for checking~
Well, well, well, it's ABOUT TIME you get famous, Jonesy! I've always been a fan, EVEN when we were hackin' through the 6th take of Montezuma in Kurt's basement.
Dear Yael, Ticket link for "On The Tracks" website is a little confusing. Just click the purchase button and an empty box will appear. That's where you type in the name of the show date or performers. The one shown on the site is just an example of how to do it. Thanks for visiting John's site and we'll see you at the show! Musically Yours, Smokin' Sleddog Records
I've been blasting your crooning-good music from here to Boston! Now I'll sit back and enjoy In Person! tonight in Chelsea at 'On The Tracks'!!!! 'Til then, take care and be well. p.s. nice website! but I was afraid to buy tix using it-the msg window made it look like I might be getting other event tix...boy - I may be paranoid!? c u there.
REALLY enjoyed the Rolling Hills Radio show tonight, always look forward to hearing you. You & Steve (AKA Ken) make a crazy pair. Put me on your e-mail list?
Rytas, Thanks for the nice review of "Lovers, Liars & Losers" (we call it "L3" too!) We will send your message over to Jonesy. We're working on getting Jonesy a performance slot at his alma mater, SUNY Geneseo. Thanks again for letting us know what you think of the new CD! Best Always, Smokin' Sleddog Records
Just finished listening to Lx3!!! what a versatile musician. Latini is the troubadour for the "Geneseo school" of roots music that has produced so many excellent musicians from western NY. Thanks John!
Yes Jim! Same John Latini that attended Locust Valley High School in New York...back in the 1900's.... -Smokin' Sleddog Records
This the same John Latinii that went to Locust Valley High School 1975?
John, Thank you very much for letting Rachel sing with you at Colasantis, she will be talking about it for a long time. We enjoyed hearing you sing. Joy Eddy and Rachel Stewart
Sandy got your CD yesterday (after the customs dogs got done sniffin') and was "really excited" to get it! Let her know when you go to Calgary and she will help you fill the house.
Thanks Mark! We passed your message along to Jonesy! Glad you are enjoying the new album~ -Smokin' Sleddog Records
Jonesy, I doubt if you remember me, but I'm a fan going back to your old Legend days. Good buddies with Sport and Dan Dy. Used to date Janet and come see you guys with Kirsti and Lisa. I have many good memories of your gigs. It's great to see you living the dream! The new album sounds amazing. I always have loved bluesy, rootsy sounds and you have hit it out of the park. Thanks man.
Hey Joe and Amy, Thanks for your comment...we think John's "supremely talented" too! -Smokin' Sleddog Records
A supremely talented Singer, Songwriter and Musician...that's, John Latini!!! He's also one helluva nice guy, with a Heart of gold!
hope to get to hear you when you come to cape.
Just saw you and Jamie-sue at the Park in Hayward. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful music. Wow....had never heard of you before but will definitely look forward to your return.
Thought I would say hello. Remember me, Pete and Lee's son. Thought of you. How is your mom and dad doing? Your family and your siblings? Have not seen them or you for years,. If you want to say hi email me or call when you have to time to talk. 845-590-5980. Take care and I hope to hear from you, have not talked to you since the 80's. Jim
Hi, Hope you guys will include Minnesota on one of your tours again!
Great hearing the two of you in New Mexico. We enjoyed your music tremendously!